Monthly Archives: March 2014

The little things

Over the past few weeks I have had chance to reflect on how far we have come as a family. It is the little things that really show how far we have come.
The smile at the school gate when spud sees me, the cuddle in bed in the morning and the conversations we have. The past couple of years have not been easy at all but to have the time to sit and look back has shown me just how far we have all come. I now feel much more confident in my role as a mum. I think I may slowly be getting the hang of it. I am pleased and proud of myself when I remember the Pe kit and don’t have to dash home to pick it up, pleased that I can talk to many of the parents in the play ground now and happy to stand on the sideline at football catching up on the week with the other football mums. I now feel that I have a place and that has made me feel so much better.
Spud is still having lots of issues with school. They just do not understand him and last week I really lost my temper with them. Not something I am proud of or wish to happen again but for the first time I did not cry in a school meeting, I held my own and very clearly pointed out how they were letting spud down. I think they may have listened as despite an “incident” one lunchtime, they listened to spud and gave him the support he needed from them. This is a step forward.
Spud was looked after by his grandparents the end of last week, they don’t have the best relationship and really do not understand spud at all. I was working and held my breath as I walked in the front door. I am normally greeted by spud running up to me saying he was upset and nanny with a face like thunder and waiting to leave the very minute I walk in. This time it was different, I walked in and I waited, I heard laughter! I can not tell you how that made me feel, suddenly the ice between spud and his grandparents had seemed to thaw and they were having fun. This little thing made my week.
Spud also took the condiments out of the dinning room and put them away without being asked. Before I get too carried away with this one, it was so he could get on the XBox quicker but still a little thing that has made me smile.
I have been trying to get spud to have a new duvet cover for the past 2 years. He has 2 very similar covers that he has had since he came home. They are now very faded but each time I ask him to chose a new one, he refuses. Spud is not the kind of child that takes change easily, everything takes planning. I have taken him to the shops, looked at catalogues and let him browse on line. Each suggestion I have made has been met with an outright NO! But a couple of weeks ago I thought I would mention it again, he agreed, chose a new duvet cover and now loves it. Such a little thing but a big step forward.
So, these are some of my little things that show progress or make me smile. What are yours?