Monthly Archives: May 2014


Time – where does it go? How do I spend it? Why do I never seem to have enough?

Before I adopted Spud I could never understand how mums who worked “only part time” could have no time.  I worked in excess of 50 hours a week, had a social life and a clean tidy home – OK, i did have a cleaner but still had time to see friends, support family and a bit of time for me.  I was very frustrated with friends who had children to why they could not make time for me and Spud when he first came home.  We had all the time in the world as I was on adoption leave, Spud was not doing any after school clubs and we needed help.

Fast forward 3 years and sometimes I don’t have time to breath, or so it feels.  I only work very part time, do some volunteer work and have only 1 child. Each week on a Sunday I look in my diary at the week and my heart sinks when I see every page full. That is without scheduling the shopping, housework, washing, gardening etc in.

So how do I spend my time? Why do I not have any time? Why have the weeks appeared to get so much shorter? Possibly because I am very happy to be interrupted by social media, maybe because I spend more time faffing, possibly because I do not have clear targets and deadlines to work to.  I would love a lunch break rather than pegging washing out, preparing meals, organizing Spuds social diary all fitted in just before school run time.

Do I waste time?  I think I do because I have no formal structure to my day or week apart from the school runs.  My work allows me to chose what day and hours I do and Mr Football works shift work so no 2 weeks are the same.

I also meet more adoption friends and carry out volunteer work during the day.  Then of course there are the appointments, meetings, form filling, taking to and from therapy and appointments, school meetings, training, talks, research and general life around Spud. I look at this week and I have 1 school meeting, 2 meetings with different schools to meet their Senco’s and 6 hours of volunteer work all in a 4 day week.  Add to that the rounders, football training and a play date and my diary is looking pretty full.

So, how do you spend your time?