The things we say

I was reminded today by my mum that I had always said I would have a football free house. She very kindly reminded me of this fact whilst I was standing on the sideline, soaking wet 3 hours into, what turned out to be, an 11.5 hour football tournament. At that moment I was very pleased she was telling me this via the telephone and not in person!

I always remember saying that I would always know who was number 1 in the charts, in fact I have no idea and haven’t for at least 20 years.  When did they stop showing top of the pops on BBC1? How old do I feel when I am able to sing along to a “latest” song on Spuds playlist as it is a cover of a song I grew up with.

I had so many ideas on what being a mum would be like and the rules I would have such as not giving in, making sure my child always did homework, not laying with them for hours while they went off to sleep …..

Over the last 3 years many of my thoughts have changed to meet the needs of Spud. My dad likes nothing better than being able to say “oh! And you always said any child of yours would …..” Or when going through a different spell with Spud saying “we had 3 of you to bring up”. Of course none of us were adopted or suffered the early trauma than Spud has. None of this seems to cut any ice with my dad.

I have also found myself saying phases I swore I would not use as my mum had with me. Phrases such as “if you fall out if that tree and break both your legs, don’t come running to me” or “if you keep pulling that face it will stay like it if the wind changes.”

Then there are the everyday sayings such as “will you please listen?”. “Hurry up and clean your teeth and yes, you do have to use toothpaste”. “Tea is ready” x 20 times.

I used to say that I would not turn out to be like my mum, now I wish I was more like her.

So, what things do you say?


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