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Lying – being lied to and about

This blog is very likely to turn into a rant for which I apologise for. I am hoping once I have written it I will let go of some of the anger and frustration I feel.

Have been fighting with my LA to get an EHCP for Spud. He needs the extra help and support and understanding to feel safe at school and to even start thinking about reaching his potential.

The flight has been a fight and not easy. I feel that Spud was left down by the corporate parent during his 4 years in care and continues to be let down by the same organisation.

I could write a book about the difficulties with school but will save that for another time…….

This week I received the legal and formal ground of response from the LA on why they will not issue an EHCP.

I read through it and became shocked/frustrated and very angry over the lies in it. A “professional” who is in a power of authority has lied, not once but at least twice in the report. The very basis that the report has been based on a lies and huge great lies that can and are being disproved. 

I threatened a sit in at the County Hall where the LA are based unless someone saw me. It is not their first time I have had to do a sit in and I fear it will not be the last. I was seen and had taken the evidence I could very quickly gather to prove it was all a lie. I felt I was listerned to and it was taken on board. I went away feeling very slightly better. That was until I received an email from the said “professional” trying to cover their bottom with more lies and referring to the evidence I had taken to the meeting. This clearly demonstrated that the LA had gone straight back and told the “professional” about the evidence I had.

This made me feel rather uneasy but I guess I should not be surprised.

I then received a letter with the minutes in where they refer to Spud by a different name. Do they really care? Is it OK to get names wrong?

Again I went into Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mode. I really thought I may burst with anger! This was a meeting that had been recorded to show the LA did care, they were interested but instead they couldn’t even get his name right!

I am now spending all my time and energy in compiling a huge report with evidence to prove they are  lies, they are great big lies and not “misunderstandings”.

I am not going to let the matter go, I am raising complaints and I want changes made but I want my son to have the education he deserves, to stop being let down and have a chance to reach the potential I know he has. Is that really too much to ask?