Happiness is……..

If you had asked me 6 or 7 years ago what happiness was, I know it would have been very different to now. Would have entailed a beautiful beach, sunshine, friends etc.

Today happiness is very different.

We have been on holiday to Egypt for a week. Like many adopters we had to go through the pain barrier of holidays to even start to see the other side. We have had holidays where Spud didn’t sleep at all. Holidays where Spud spent most of it in tears. Holidays where I spent most of it in tears. Holidays where Spud would only eat spaghetti bologonasie and that included for breakfast! 

I am awake very early on a Sunday morning listening to Mr Football and Spud snore in unison. Looking back on the past week I have decided that my happiness is –

Spud sleeping in his own bed – yes it is 6 foot away from ours but he is still sleeping in it.

Spud eating anything and everything – yes that means 6 ice creams during the afternoon but we are all inclusive.

Spud making friends – yes they are younger than him and he can control them but they are having fun.

Family time playing in the pool – yes we are only a stop gap until Spuds friends come to play but we are playing.

Learning a new family holiday game – yes again until Spuds friends have have dinner but we laugh together. 

Being able to sit at a different table at mealtimes – yes Spud did spend the whole time giving death stares to the family sitting at “our table”.

We have had the difficulties like one day when it was windy by the pool so we had to sit on the other side. Spud could feel the difference, we explained why but for 30 mins anyone watching would have thought I had told Spud he was grounded for life.

Suddenly realising that the rules we put into place need to be given everyday and in fact, several times a day. I learnt very quickly that the rules I put in place on Monday, did count on Tuesday as it was a new day according to Spud! We now go through the 5 rules at every mealtime. It makes it sound awful having 5 rules but they are –

1 – Don’t climb up the water slides.

2 – Don’t swim under the water slides when people are coming down them. 

3- Don’t run along the pool bar.

4 – Have fun.

5 – Remember we love you. 

Not the hardest rules in the world! 

So back to my happiness, we have 4 whole days left and then we have made it! 

On a last note, I have discovered Gin 😀

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