Thinking ……

I have been thinking the last couple of day, I always find thinking dangerous! 

Anyway, I was thinking about how Spud would have been if he had been matched with different adoptive parents. We were in a competitive match for Spud. The other adopter was a single adopter who I know although did not know we were in a competitive match at the time. She couldn’t be more different to me. She is laid back, spontaneously, travels around with work and single.

I am a control freak and have found this side of me increase since Spud came home. He has needed routine, planning, information, structure and home time or has he? 

Would he have thrived with a very different life? Would he have preferred to have traveled around the world with the other adopter? Would he have coped without routine and a much more spontaneous life? 

Have I changed to meet Spuds needs or has this side of me just come out and I use Spuds needs as an excuse? 

Did the social workers get it right? 

I can’t imagine my life without Spud and so pleased that the social workers did decide that we were the right parents for Spud. 

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