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Adoption camp 2017

I am typing this while sitting in the middle of a field having 10 mins to reflect on the last 8 days.

3 years ago I organised a very small informal camp for adopters which went well. Last year we hired a field and a large party tent and had 16 families camp.

This year we had the same field the party tent and organised activities 3 times a day. On paper it really shouldn’t work –

31 children from 14 months to 15 years old. 

One 9 year boy was delighted and said “WOW! Everyone here is exactly the same as me!”

Most have at least 1 DX, many had not met before, some had communication delay and for some it was their first time camping.

I came with @purdy2233 and numerous family members to set up this years camp on Sunday. We had learnt from last year that too many unstructured craft actitivies do not work so had a smaller craft corner set up.

We had a photo board of the families that came to help everyone get to know everyone here. We had an activities sheet with different ones run each morning, afternoon and evenings. We had a menu printed all of which was visual for our children.

I think the success of the camp is the party tent where we have tea, coffe, squash, snacks, toaster and kettle. It acts as a central point to cook, eat, drink and spend time with others. This year it has been the central point for sheltering from the showers and torrential rain we have had everyday! 

For me, I have loved watching the children play, have freedom, join in, talk and just have hours of fun. For the adults they have made new connections, new friends, shared stories, cried (me) and laughed until their sides hurt. We had several families come to visit for the day and one family wrote “no amount of therapy could help my children as much as this trip has.” 

I am so lucky to have such amazing friends. We all know that adoption is extreme parenting, takes us to our limits and beyond and is often reletless. This week has confirmed that adoptive parents are truly amazing, have the most funny stories to tell, are open, honest and love their children no matter what! 

None of the camp I could do without the amazing @purdy2233. She does not know how much she gives, the energy she has and the never ending support.

We are knackered! Dirty! Smelly! Have sore throats from talking far too much, ache from head to toe but can’t wait to do it all again! 

Below are a few photos from the camp. I just wish I could share the smiling, dirty faces of the campers.

Adoption camp 2018 planning has started!