This post is about summer 2017 and all about numbers

6 weeks summer holidays of which – 

We have spent 21 nights away in which 11 were camping  – mostly in the rain

7 nights spent in Spain mostly in the rain – can you see the theme?

3 trips to theme parks

1 waterpark trip

2 pool parties

Several picnics

1 friend for a sleep over

1 broken retainer brace – £75 to replace!

1 CAMH’s appointment – useless

1 referral for FASD – horay 

1 long flight delay – boo

1 sleep over at nan’s house – 12 hours of payback 

Extra grey hairs –  too many to count

Times able to parent therapeutically – not enough

Mozzie bites – lots

Amount of chocolate comsummed – I am not telling 

Alcohol drunk – not enough

Times we have laughed – 100’s

Memories made – unlimited 

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