Monthly Archives: November 2017

Losing my dignity

Today I lost the very little bit of dignity I had left.

Today I sobbed down the telephone to a manger of the SEN team.

Today I not only sobbed down the phone but added sob filled snot to the mix.

Today this happened while I was walking my dog in the local park.

Today not only did I lose the little bit of dignity I had on the telephone but in public.

Today I was pushed past my limit by a team who were set up to help parents.

If you had asked me 7 years ago pre adoption what I would be pushed to and by who, I would never have been even able to imagine today.

The SEN team have not down what they agreed to do which then had a knock on effect with the impact on school and the support or lack of it my son receives.

While teams and departments are not doing what they should or what they promise it is my son who has detentions and isolations at school.

It is me who is fighting and battling a system that was set up to support parents and their children. Today that couldn’t have been further from what happened.

A manager makes some progress to then have another department promise information and support this afternoon that never came.

Today is children in need day. Today it is my child who is in need but being let down.

Today I became the mum I never wanted to be, the near broken mum and the mum who should be able to put all her effort into being the mum my son needs but instead is fighting the system that was set up to help.